A Passion for Logging

A Passion for Logging

At Heritage Logging, forestry is our passion. Founded on the premise that business should be done on a personal level the way it was done in the old days, we work to provide the highest quality service. We provide services in the Upstate New York area including Syracuse, Oneida, Utica, Cortland, Hamilton, & Norwich. Our goal for every client is to get them the most money possible for their timber while preserving their lands in a way that allows for future growth and earnings potential. Our knowledge of logging and the environment allows us to do just that.

Logging Specialists

The Upstate New York area is home to the best hardwoods in the world. Many large companies focus on the instant profits of harvesting, and will cut your timber in a manner that will limit future earnings potential and natural growth. Many of these companies will subcontract the logging to someone who is only concerned with getting the job done in as quick a manner as possible. It takes a specialist like Heritage Logging to not only harvest your timber in a way that optimizes the timber’s value but that will also preserve your land and young timber for future growth.

Get Paid the Actual Value of Your Lumber

At Heritage Logging we log on a percentage. The reason we do this is because we want you to get paid for what your timber is worth. Larger companies will pay you upfront, but will always pay you for a lesser grade of tree. Waiting until after the harvest to determine the true value of the timber puts more money in your pocket.

Stewards of Your Land

At Heritage Logging we pride ourselves on caring for the land we operate on. Logging with sustainability in mind means that your investment will be protected for years to come. Our best practices include:

• Directional Felling Method: a method of tree harvesting in which trees are directed where to fall so that younger trees are not injured. Each tree is an investment and this method insures the longevity of your investment.

• Our knowledge of the environment allows Heritage Logging to identify threats to your timber. For example, we recognize invasive species’ within property and harvesting the wood before the wood is decimated.

• Logging best practices requires that some trees with “good” genetics be left behind to continue to reproduce “good” trees in the future.

• As trails are made through the land, they are made as straight as possible so that younger timber is not injured.

"We hired Heritage Logging for the removal of the black walnuts at my parents' home in Skaneateles, NY. There were 14 large trees (average DBH 20") which were on the edge of my parents' lawn, deep in a tangle of wild grape, near the side of the road, and on our property line. After meeting with Gerry Rockwell for an initial consultation my parents and I felt completely confident that the job would be done well and on time–and it was. As promised, the trees were removed quickly and without damage to our lawn, other trees, or other vegetation, and without any mess. We also appreciated how we were kept informed of the entire process along the way. Gerry is smart, knowledgeable, respectful, and professional, and his work ethic is unparalleled. He is a pleasure to have on the job. I highly recommend Gerry Rockwell and Heritage Logging and we will use them again in the future. "

Aneita D.

Offering Equine Logging

Offering Equine Logging

Heritage Logging offers an equine logging option for owners looking to minimally disturb their land. Contact us to schedule a Equine Logging consultation.

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