The Logging Process

For an average land owner that has mature timber or forest land in need of management, having a professional logger they can trust and have a personal relationship will make the harvest and sale of their timber much easier. Below is the process that Heritage Logging follows to ensure the preservation of your land while optimizing your investment.  

  1. Heritage Logging first will establish the Landing, a place where the trees will be skidded to for bucking and sale. Next trails through the woods should be cut in a way that does as little impact to the remaining stand as possible.
  2. After trails are formed we will generally start cutting and skidding from the farthest point on the property from the landing and moving forward as each area is cleared of trees marked for harvest. It is important to always use directional felling techniques to insure personal safety and future health of the stand.
  3. As the trees are brought to the landing they are bucked to length, in other words cut to the optimal lengths to ensure the most board footage and best grades. Defects in the bucked log will cause it to be worthless.
  4. After a large number of logs is accumulated, a log buyer will come to the landing to scale and purchase the logs. Hardwood timber is sold from the landing by the board foot, which is a board being 1" thick x 1'-0" long and 1'-0" wide. The buyer is looking for all the same defects as the logger and grades each log accordingly as well as per species.
  5. Heritage Logging logs on a percentage basis. After the buyer is finished, he gives the Heritage Logging and the land owner a copy of the scale sheet and their respective checks.
  6. After all the timber scheduled for harvest or culling have been cut and removed from the forest as well any tops suitable for firewood. 
  7. Heritage logging will level any trails that may have been rutted during skidding, install water bars to control erosion, cut into smaller pieces any portions of the tops left over and in general tidy up.
  8. Finally we will clear the landing of debris so that it can return to its natural state

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